Dori O. is an ongoing network, a research group becoming a tentacular artist of many bodies collectively thinking and acting through the internet. Their practice is situated at the intersection of critical posthumanism theory and new materialisms. They combine theoretical, curatorial and artistic practices and collaborate across a range of modes from digital and performative presentations to textual forms creating zines, papers and research interventions. 

Considerably interested in philosophy and fiction, they engage themselves in artistic practices. Their connected parts are usually situated in Germany, England, Sweden and Poland. Dori O. began in 2015 under the name: The Posthuman and Art Research Group. In 2016, the group presented collaboratively at the 7th Annual Conference in New Materialism (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw) and the Open Fields International Conference (Riga, Latvia). In 2018 Dori O. presented museuminfreefall at the Digital Narration exhibition at Forum Schlossplatz in Aarau, Switzerland.

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Dori O Vortex, museuminfreefall, 2018

Dori O Vortex, museuminfreefall, 2018

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