Falling Birds seeks to unfurl the feathers of extinct and endangered bird species in the Horniman Museum, London. It draws upon the rich historical metaphor of the bird in poetry, often used as a powerful symbol for the imagination, transformation and immortality. The research experiments with poetic form and the notion/notation of bird song to engage with the alarming decline in bird species globally and asks: what songs do extinct and endangered birds sing us? How can we hear their stories and what do their representations hide and reveal?

The residency taking place from October 2018 - January 2019 aims to generate a series of artworks, poetic-visual texts and performances. Within the context of museums and collections, the written word often takes the form of interpretive panels providing information for the visitor about the specimens on display. This research project aims to produce a series of poetic-para texts that will act as imaginative experiments in taxonomy: mixing informative perspectives on extinction with critical and speculative visions.

Falling Birds is supported by the Artquest research residency in partnership with the Horniman Museum and Gardens.