Begin with Noticing is a collaborative artistic research project led by Matterlurgy (Helena Hunter and Mark Peter Wright) supported by The Centre for Geohumanities as part of the commissioning theme of Global Environmental Change (GEC) and Creating Earth Futures in 2018. 

The project considers the forms of agency bound within the technologies and practices of GEC, with specific focus on issues of sensing and signalling, derived from both machinic forms of witnessing to more ancient, terra-technological methods of communication and place-making. Non-human alarm calls and building tactics will also be explored as alternative catalysts for how art might relate to, and affirmatively contribute new creative signals amongst the saturated noise of GEC data.

The enquiry finds its roots through interleaved theories of listening and the practices of performance, poetics and fictioning. Investigating apparatus and methods of transmission, Matterlurgy will experiment with interdisciplinary research and artistic forms across sound/radio arts, performance, fictioning and sculptural assemblage. The project will culminate in a series of artworks that challenge and re-imagine how GEC is both sensed and non sensed, signalled and signed, heard and unheard.

Centre for Geohumanities